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Your seat is safe with us

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Put our talented upholstery crew to work building the best, most comfortable, ergonomic chair for your home office.  With just a few clicks, you can select a perfect chair, made right here in America, at our historic factory on the main street of  Nunda, NY.

Home Office Ergonomics

As our name suggests, Seating Inc. specializes in seating people of all shapes and sizes doing all types of work. 

We have selected the best ergonomic chairs from our vast line of seating products to provide a straight line to a comfortable seat for your home office.

Say goodbye to back pain and unnecessary strain.

Why Seating Inc.?

Seating Inc. has been building high quality commercial grade seating products since 1989. Our clients range from Local, State and Federal  government, to Hospitals and Universities across the country, commercial offices of all shapes and sizes, and NOW individuals who want a commercial-grade working chair that fits their needs and their style for their home office. 

Did we mention the lifetime warranty - and delivery right to your home address.


#Your seat is safe with us.


Meet Seating Inc.

Every seat has a story.
It starts with genuine, hands on craftsmanship where both style and materials are tested and trusted, right down the production line, all the way to the satisfied customer. And it’s been that way since 1989.

For us quality isn’t just a word, it’s the only way, and it never takes a backseat to the bottom line. That’s why your seat is safe with us.

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"I love my new chair! Thanks for all your help. "

— Happy Customer, California

Seating at Home

Seating at Home is the first home office selection from established commercial chair manufacturer Seating Inc. We have been building high quality, commercial grade chairs since 1989.

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